Show Review: 598

Let me start by saying that I live along with my wife in SLC,UT and we missed the Social D concert here late in 2010 because we were on vacation in southern UT. That did not deter us from finding a way to see them on their Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes Tour however. When I noticed the Reno, NV date on the tour would be one day after Valentines there was no doubt in my mind where we would be On Feb 15 2011. My wife has been listening to Social D since around the 6th grade an I was introduced to there music from her about 3 yrs ago and couldn’t believe I had never heard of them before. I have since soaked up the music and culture that is Social D and love every minute of it. That being said this was my first Social D concert and my wifes 11th ( Yes I said 11th ), I was not quite sure what to expect. So to say there was a little nervous energy on part would be accurate. As we stood in that long line outside the Grand Theater at the Grand Sierra Hotel for over an hour, something I have never done before for any concert, I was sure hoping this was going to be worth the wait. I was completely floored by Chuck Ragan and the delivery of his lyrics and the passion you can tell he has for music. Lucero was not what I was expecting at all, that band can throw down hard with any band going today. Then Social D hit the stage and lit that mutha on fire!! To say I was treated to a good concert would be a grose understatement. Mike Ness and the boys came with everything they had in a concert that seemed to go on forever and ever. I heard everthing from early Social D to songs of their recent alblum. I have never seen any mainstream rock band or country band give the audience that much intensity in a show ever. The one person I was lucky enough to see live in a very small venue that comes close to what I witnessed in Reno, NV was Dwight Yokam in Wendover, NV. Go figure though right, a Cali boy himself. In closing I sure hope that wasn’t my last Social D concert, cause you guys made me realize what rock & roll is all about and why I love it so much! Well worth the 8 hour drive to Reno and then the 8 hour drive back to SLC. If Social D is coming to a venue near you and you’re lucky enough to see them live tell me it doesn’t shake you to your core? If it doesn’t you don’t get it and you never will !! Thanks Boys, Mike in SLC P.S. I almost have my voice back !