Show Review: 595

Great show!! Mike Ness had the crowd eating out of his hands. The lead riffs and blues playing was heartfelt and soulful. The show prominently features the new album, so if you want to rock along with the show you should buy the CD. I bought the CD on amazon on the day it came out and they kept giving me a $1 rebate everytime 100,000 fans would give a listen to the songs. The band sounded exactly like the records. And the audiene went crazy when they would go into the classics i.e Ring of Fire, Mommie’s Little Monster, Ball and Chain and Story of My Life. I only wish they did some songs from Sex Love and R&R. Great show looking forward to seeing them again tonight. Sometimes Mike and boys will change up the song list and I can hear something from SLR&R. SxDx ROCK AND RULES!!!