Show Review: 592

Why hasn’t anyone reviewed any shows yet?? Get off yer asses people! We were at the hollywood show last night. FUCKING GREAT. But that’s no surprise. Opening acts were good. Agrolite was actually really good. Social D came out around 10 and freakin rocked. No matter who is with him in the band, is Ness ever NOT on top of his game and busting his ass for his fans?? They played for about and hour and half but of course they could stay up there for 3 hours and not play every song you want to hear right? They played a LOT of songs from the new album. I’ve seen some people whining about some of the songs on it but I love it so I was happy with that. Ya gotta grow folks…can’t play the same shit forever. And yeah Mike, the accordion sounds great in a punk band.