Show Review: 592

I just wanted to say that the show was completely amazing! Although it seemed like the crowd was on xanax or valume, the opening bands along with Social D. made up for the "poopy" crowd! I LOVED seeing the Aggrolites for my very first time! Dude has an amazing voice and the band was full of positive energy. The main course, SOCIAL D., takes the cake of course! I could not believe my ears when I heard the guys break into "So Far Away" off the 1990 self/titled album, and rock all the way through the years of hits, and finally brought out the 2 Big Guns! Thats what I call the two Backing Vocalists, the 2 Big Guns, because towards the end of the show it was a nice suprise to everyoine to bring them along to sing to "California (Hustle and Flow)" and "Can’t Take It With You"! All in all im going to give the guys a BIG 10/10! Great show, great opening bands, great times!