Show Review: 592

wow where can i start seeing social distortion live was the greatest experience in my life their music has inspired me to understand that life gets hard then it gets good and right now i am going through some hard times in my life and when i listen to social distortion everything falls into place and makes me feel so much better about myself and i will continue to listen to social distortion and show everybody my social distortion tattoo on my back with pride!! words cant explain how much i love this band!! Social Distortion For Life! if your not down with Social Distortion your Missing out on The Best kind of Music There is! Thanks Social Distortion for the Best Music and Many Years I Will Forever be a Fan and am Glad i Seen U Guys Live it was the best Concert i have ever Experienced! your music inspires me in so many ways possible i cant say that i have a favorite social d song because every song touches my heart… social distortion simply put BEST BAND EVER!