Show Review: 590

OPENING BANDS Chuck Ragan and Lucero were good performers. Chuck Ragan even though strapped with an acoustic delivered a powerful and heavy performance. His voice was loud and driven! Lucero seemed like good ol’ boys. They talked back with some of their fans in the crowd and delivered a stellar set. Right before SOCIAL D went on, the song "CALIFORNIA LOVE" by Zapp & Rodger was playing. Everyone seemed confused at first, then we all laughed and were into it. Just like thier new album, they opened with ROAD ZOMBIE. The concert did seem a little rushed though, they cranked out 4 or 5 songs before MIKE even talked to the crowd. I think thats the best part of any SOCIAL D concert. Its when MIKE talks to the crowd, engaging and just being cool. MIKE NESS told a story about how when He came here a couple of years ago to the BUCK OWENS CRYSTAL PALACE, how they let him drive one of Bucks cars. It inspired a country flame in him, he preceded to do Several Country covers of Social D songs Like "DOWN HERE WITH THE REST OF US." NESS gave some insight to their song "BAKERSFIELD" , he said the song isnt talking bad about the town, just listen to the lyrics its about the emotions he was feeling while he just so happened to be here. They played Bakersfield and in the part where they brake it down, he recited the lyrics from the album instead of the usual part about Buck owens grabbing a guitar and writing a love song. After a small break, they came out with 2 Girl singers, who helped on the album HARD TIMES. They accompanied the band in CALIFORNIA (HUSTLE & FLOW) and CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU. They of course, ended the show with one of their best live songs, STORY OF MY LIFE. But with a slight change with the intro, Ness as always asked "I wanna tell you a story" everyone shouts "STORY OF MY LIFE" Mike then says "This is the story, of all your lives!" Jumps straight into the first chords. I thought that was pretty cool. Overall, Awesome concert, just wish Ness would of Talked more, told some stories about the songs. BUT GREAT CONCERT!