Show Review: 590

Mike and his crew were in fine form last night at the fogged in fairgrounds of Bakersfield. A blistering rendition of ‘Road Zombie’ opened the show followed by rousing performances of ‘So Far Away’ and ‘King of Fools’. Ness navigated his way down memory lane as he has always done with his patented front man bravado and solid guitar chops. Cuts focused around SBHH, Social D and the new record. Mike tipped his proverbial cap to the town of Bako through a stirring version of ‘Bakersfield’. He also played country historionics with a song for Bako’s favorite son Buck Owens and Oildale’s lone outlaw Merle Haggard. Mike’s tribute to Haggard was a particularly inspired reworking of SBHH’s ‘Cold Feelings’. Landing somewhere between honky tonk standard and bluesy gutwrencher, the song received such a workover, half the audience seemed to be unaware of its origin. The deft and tight playing from the boys behind the man certainly deserves respect as well. But let’s be honest, this is Ness’ band. And last night Mike proved again he is a talented songwriter and a true road warrior. As if anyone needed proof, the ‘encore’ of ‘California (Hustle And Flow)’, ‘Can’t Take It With You’ followed by over the top performances of ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Story Of My Life’ says it all. In short, get your ass to one of these gigs….now!!!! Continued success to Mike, the band and the crew. Safe travels.