Show Review: 586

20 years since first hearing So Far Away on a surf flick, I’ve followed the band and the legend Mike and have loved every album and song along the way. Flying down from the Gold Coast with my equally enthusiastic babe Jayney who I turned into a skeli convert when we met by playing her She’s a Knockout, we were so pumped we actually found ourselves loitering in the side alley during sound check (I’m 38 not 15!!)… What can I say about this show other than when the Road Zombie intro kicked into that song I heard 20 years ago and the site Mr Ness, crew in tow, strutting his stuff right before us, I nearly passed out! The rest is history, those there will testify it was the best show a deprived Aussie Social D fan could ask for… I’ll be going to the grave with a smile and no doubt they’ll bury me to my favorite song of all time, Bad Luck… And with a Skeli burnt into my coffin. Cheers Amigos. Trav