Show Review: 585

Having been a fan of this band since its inception and always having to travel south to see them it was great to have Social Distortion right in our very own back yard. The newly renovated State Theatre is a perfect setting for this band and their music. Social "D" has never let their fans down. From the opening song to the final encore Mike Ness leads his group through fan favorites that some how always sound even better live. Mike’s onstage personna has always been a favorite part of any live show I have seen. They claim to have been in Maine before but I myself do not know when that could have been. Nonetheless the show was everything you’d expect from one of America’s hardest working and well loved bands. Social Distortion fans seem to admire this group year after year and last night’s show was great. If only the bands that play this venue would understand that it’s a theatre designed to "recycle" the sound and if they would only turn it down just a bit we’d all enjoy the show even more.