Show Review: 571

Great show! I missed Frank Turner, which had to have been a short set because I arrived about 8:20 or so, but caught all of Lucero.They played for 45 mins or so and really got things going. Good energy and some banter with the crowd. As noted with previous reviews, new Social D backdrop. Curtain closes after Lucero finishes. Social D goes on right around 10:00. Opened with "The Creeps", "Mommy’s Little Monster" and "Another State of Mind". Lots of oldies thrown in and some new tunes. "Bakersfield" was better than I expected from some of the other reviews. I got the feeling 1/2 the people were there only for "Ball and Chain" and "Ring of Fire" and they weren’t disappointed. "Ball and Chain" got a slower reworking and a lot of singing in the crowd. Was pleasantly surprised to hear "I Was Wrong". Ness was talkative and funny – cracking some jokes and having fun with the crowd. I won’t go into the whole set list, but it was a great show. Vocals were strong and the playing was tight. Mike can still bring it. It was a completely satifying show. It occurred to me during the show that I saw them last about 18 years ago. Insane that Social D has been a functioning band for 30+ years. I paid double face value for my ticket and felt like I got my money’s worth. The actual price of the tickets is much lower than the quality of the show you’re going to see.