Show Review: 570

I first knew about SxDx in the late 80´s when me and my friends were still skateboarding, now I´m 35 years old and my wife followed me to this epic trip across the border.Finally after all these years I had in front of me " the" sound, it hits my guts like a 2 x 4 and should I say, brings a fucking tear out of my non believing eyes… I had the fortune of meeting Jonny and Brent before the show, they were hanging out among the crowd and were nice enough to take a picture with me , so did mike after the show. David gave us a drum skin and Jonny was nice enough to say hi after the show and gave me a worned out as hell pick…speechless, mike wished us a safe return to Mexico and the night was done. Dont ask me about the set list, its there for you to google it , but the sound , the sweat,the tears,the songs, the fucking emotion of that night´s show is sticking with me for the rest of my life ! hope we see you again, and hopefully in my town,Monterrey. Respectfully and sincerely, Hector SxDx 4Life