Show Review: 570

After being my favorite rock and roll band for over 20 years now and seeing them countless times since 1996 I have to say that this show ranks up there with the last few shows of their which I thought were also amazing performances. Just when I think that they cannot get any better live or step up their chemistry together they do. Totally blown away once again with their musical dynamics from loud to soft as well as each musican’s musical talents and capabilites. Brent with his soulful voice and solid bass foundation gives each song exactly the justice that each song demands. Jonny’s voice is just as strong and soulful as Brent’s and offers the best lead guitar playing in the band. Glad to see that Jonny has been playing is 1950’s Gold Top Les Paul again. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with Dave Hidalgo Jr. most of all since he has huge shoes to fill from the Great Charlie Quintana and Atom Willard. His style is perfect for them and plays each song the way Mr. Ness demands from him. I loved the way he broke out the soft brushes on the drums when the band was playing acoustic. Speaking of Mr. Ness he has never sounded better with his blues guitar picking and lead vocals. The way Mike, Brent, and Jonny sing 3 part vocal haromony is second to none. This as well as Danny McGough is what makes this band so special to me. Danny not only played the usual B-3 organ, piano, and Leslie speaker he played his blue accordian when the band was playing acoustic as well as when they played "Making Believe." It was also great hanging out with Kustom 55 and his family before and after the show. I will be downloading some pictures later this week… Setlist: The Creeps Another State of Mind Mommy’s Little Monster Sick Boy Don’t Drag Me Down Bye, Bye, Baby I Was Wrong Still Alive Ball and Chain Through These Eyes Bakersfield Alone and Forsaken When She Begins Making Believe Encore: So Far Away Prison Bound Down Here with the Rest of Us (acoustic) Cold Feelings (acoustic) Ring of Fire I was very surprised to hear that they did not play one song from the Sex, Love and Rock and Roll record, but then again they cannot play all their hits in one evening!