Show Review: 566

My only regret was showing up after the opening bands. Ness said that he hand picked the openers and if we missed them then we fucked up. Whoops there I go again. The sound volume at this show was perfectly done, loud enough to feel it in your chest, but you didn’t have to scream to communicate to friends or bartenders. I like that. The band mix was terrific and Social D seemed to be enjoying the night as well. I heard a lot of my favorites new and old and by the time they hit Bye Bye Baby 3 people were crowd surfing. The mosh up front only lasted for a song or two and never got too outa hand. I like that too. Ness hung out and signed stuff and chatted up the diehards after the show which was really cool. Thanks to the dude who gave me a "miracle" ticket, all of the hotrod owners, and the chicks with bangs that helped to make the parking lot a special scene. Well done Atlanta, Tabernacle, and Social D.