Show Review: 562

I’ve been fortunate to see Mike Ness over a dozen times, in both his Social Distortion and solo modes. He is always 1000% grade AAA rock ‘n roll and Saturday night at the Fillmore in Miami Beach was no exception. His energy, attitude, tone and note selection/phrasing are spot on. At this point in his legendary career, he has so much material to draw on, he could do a different set list every night and still blow every venue away. The two songs off the new album are terrific. He’s been doing Bakerfield live for over a year, but I hadn’t heard Hank Williams’ Alone & Forsaken before. It could be the flip side of Ring of Fire. Social Distortion is the personification of punk energy and attitude. Thank you Mike for keeping it real…..and, yes, my ears are still ringing. RRR