Show Review: 562

I work around the corner from New York City’s Roseland Ballroom, and lots of folks who I work with, who enjoy Social D’s music, had no idea that they were playing just three blocks away this past Thursday night. And yet, they sold the joint out, it was packed! I saw Social D this summer at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, and it was kind of the same deal. So many people don’t know that Social D is still a working band, and yet they sell out fairly large venues, without help from radio or the press or whatever. And just like this summer, the band was totally rockin’. Every time I see Mike Ness perform, I’m blown away. I don’t like to put other bands down, and I’m not calling anyone out, but when I think of rock bands that get a lot of attention today… compared to Ness and Social D, they just look like twerps. He’s sort of quietly hit "living legend" status in my mind, but he still has great music left in him. I’m definitely a big fan of the last Social D record, 2004’s Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and I’m looking forward to the next one, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, due in January on Epitaph Records. They played "Bakersfield" and a cover of Hank Williams’ "Alone And Foresaken," both of which will be on the album. People were into it. I was bummed that they didn’t draw from their last album, though, "Reach For The Sky" and "Nickels and Dimes" are two of my favorites. Check the rest of my review at No Expiration – google it.