Show Review: 561

This was a great show. First off the opening acts were awesome. Lucero and Frank Turner each by themselves would have been a great show. Social D was in great form. The Social D set was a great set and they played some things I havent seen them do in a long time. Highlights were a slow blues versions of Cold Feelings, Prison Bound, and Ball and Chain. Staples like Another State of Mind, Mommys Little Monster were early mosh favs. They played a firey version of I Was Wrong (rarely done) and brought the house down with When She Begins and Maklin Beleive and Ring of Fire. They played some oldies like So Far Away (rarely done) and Sick Boys also which were great. Not much from the Sex Lies album and absent was Story of My Life and Bad Luck; such spots were taken by the new album cuts. Some good songs from the new album were featured; Alone and Forsaken (a Hank Williams song), Still Alive and Bakersfield all sounded tight. Mike was very chatty with the Boston crowd and really connected. If you can get tix for this tour do it as (1) the opening acts are really great, well above the norm you see and (2) you get a little preview of the new album and get to see Social D stuff that they realy havent played much.