Show Review: 560

What a Halloween Eve! The band strolled out all in costume as Tiny Bubbles blared over the PA. It was kind of dark and you could only see the band in the shadows until the lights went on, W@W was I astonished!!! Mike was wearing a pink tutu that reminded my of Cheech Marin. 2 bags was dressed as Dr. Frank-n-Furter, Brent was the Cowardly Lion, Hildalgo (DAMN BRO) was an impressive Jabba the Hut! Danny McGough was Mr. Magoo. They opened with their famous cover ‘Tainted Love’ and never stopped!! They mixed in Indulgence, I want what I want, Backstreet Girl & Like an Outlaw. Then the encore. They did an impressive cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE’ with 2BAGS doing the High Harmonies of the song. BRILLIANT!! They closed the show with a cover from the Man in Black. HURT!!