Show Review: 556

I have been listening to Social D for over 20 years now. Their music has been a constant soundtrack to my life. I have grown and learned some hard lessons with their music as a source of inspiration and reflection. I have seen them so many times, I have lost count. This show was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen by them. They opened my eyes and ears to some amazing roots rock-n-roll over the years, and it is so powerful how some great punk songs can evolve into these timeless classic roots rock-n-roll. I cannot wait to start bringing my daughter to some shows in the next few years. She already calls Mike, Uncle Mike, and loves to listen to all of their albums. Thank you for an amazing concert and a memorable evening for my wife and I. Frank Turner and Lucero did not disappoint at all. As soon as the show was over and my wife and I returned to our hotel, we went and bought all that we could of theirs online. Great bands, great songs, great crowd, and another great time being a Sunday Nighter. Maybe one of these Sundays, Mike will call my boss for me if I give him the number.