Show Review: 556

Show was great! Loved Lucero and Frank Turner (particulary the drummer with Frank Turner. He never really looked at the other band members while playing. He just played great in his own little world). Loved the slowed-dowm versions of Ball and Chain and Cold Feelings. Nice to hear a new spin on the old tunes. The show seemed to feature the old stuff, which was a great way to go. Some standards (like Ball and Chain and Ring of Fire) were resurrected that were not played the last time I saw Social D. Energy level was very high and Ness’ voice was really on. New drummer was also great. Looking forward to the new CD. Really liked the couple of tunes from the new CD. Had some stop-start parts in them that were kinda different for Social D. Only criticism: No need for Ness to take a swipe at "Cream". That’s a band from my era. Their music paved the way for much that followed. Leave ’em alone.