Show Review: 555

15 years in waiting and worth every minute. I grew up in a small town a in between Toronto and Kingston and listened to Social D all the time. There music was a driving force to keep me out of the shit that most of my friend and foes got into, small towns can bring you down very quickly. Needless to say the show ws stellar!! The openning bands were great and started the night off on the right track. I was right behind the sound both and had an awesome view fo the boys. They kicked it off with a couple classics and the crowd was ready to go. I was wrong stormed in and it was set off. Even the people at the bar were starting to dance and sing along. Mike Ness was at his best and looking on the top of his game. They stomped throught a great set with the hits like Bakersfield and Prison bound. Finishing their show with Ring of Fire was the cherry on top! I could not believe that two hours had passed and the show was over. It funny to think I had to wait for this long to get the chance and the moment almost passed me by. One of the best shows of my life!!! Thank boys see ya next year and can’t wait for the new albulm!!