Show Review: 554

Social Distortion is one of the few bands I see when they are in the area. I’ve seen them many times in many places and as any good band, they seem to get better and as personnel changes that no easy feat. To keep a handle on things and still maintain a benchmark while performing is not easy. The live show is the "only way to know for sure" if a band is solid or a studio creation. No worries with this band. The last time I saw them, Atom Willard was drumming and the band never sounded tighter (no disrespect to Charlie Quintana) and had a snap that I hadn’t heard before. Naturally I was wondering how it would sound without him, but David Hidalgo Jr. (hey, are you any relation to singer/guitarist/songwriter extrordanairre from Los Lobos?) put my thoughts to rest from the get go. The band was money. All older tunes with the exception of songs from their forthcoming album. Guys, 6 1/2 years? My second and third marriages combined didn’t last that long, but I digress. Great, cushy front row balcony seats at the Fillmore provided a comfortable unobstructed view of the stage. Pity about the sound, though. However, even that couldn’t taint such an awesome performance. "Til next time.