Show Review: 553

First off, I can’t believe I am the only motherfucker from the states to write a review on Social Distortions web site about the band we love and cherish. Salute to all mi brethern from south of the border. Secondly, this was my first time witnessing the band that has meant so much to me over the last couple decades. I travel quite extensively and our paths never seemed to cross until the 19th of October in the year of our Lord 2010. It’s been a long time in coming. I pulled into the cities around 7ish and had some dinner at the irish pub across the street from the venue. A few pints of Guiness to loosen me up and I was more than ready. Frank Turner was not my cup of tea. Not to say he and his band aren’t talented, just not for me. Lucero, was too country for my liking, but that singer had a very cool voice. The lights when out. The caballero music starts and I get a huge smile on my face. For I know the boys are about to strut on stage and blow us all away. And Holy Toledo did they. The band is fresh and ready to rock. Mr. Ness had (has) such a cool, calm, collectiveness about him. From the first chord I knew we all were in for a ride. The band was tight. The sound wasn’t great, but not too shabby. For me, the highlights were, Don’t drag me down, Prison Bound (the tempo was fan-fucking-tastic), Ball and Chain (never gets old and to finally see it live, MAN!!!), and Down Here. The intro to Ring of fire…..words can’t describe it. Fucking amazing!! So for me, the show was epic and am so glad I finally got to see one of my all time favorite bands that I have listened to for over the last 20 years. Also here’s a few photos. Sorry for the poor quality, as the lights were playing havic with my camera. Thank you!! Jason