Show Review: 552

WOW – my first Social D show. Balls to the wall from the moment they came onstage. This guy blows away most 20 year olds. The hooks are infectious. The leads were recognizeable from the records, but Ness expanded them to keep them fresh. They played a new song of the upcoming record (which they say will be released in January 2011) – it was great. I don’t know all the songs that were played, but I can tell you that Ball and Chain had the entire venue on their feet (I think the Fillmore holds about 5000, but not sure. The security was cool, spraying water in the pit. The band was TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT. For just starting a new tour – it was right on, like it was the last night of a tour. The final song was Ring of Fire – a barnburner for sure. Thanks Social D.