Show Review: 551

Since I missed the show in Boise my wife bought me tickets to the Salt Lake show for our anniversary (sweet girl). The show was packed and the opening band Lucero was pretty good. Social D did some sort of Mexican trumpet intro which was funny. I was hoping that they would play Road Zombie but they skipped right into So Far Away. He promised to play a lot of songs that they don’t normally play live which was great even though I love some of the more mainstream songs like Ball and Chain, Story of My Life and Bad Luck. It was great to hear three of their new songs (Still Alive, Gun Slinger Blues and Bakersfield) that will be on the up comming album. Bakersfield seems more like a song that Mike Ness would perform on his solo album as it’s pretty slow but it tells the story of struggle while on the road which fits really well with traditional Social D songs. The new drummer can really crank it and although Charlie will be missed this new guy is pretty good. Mike likes to crack a few jokes between songs as usual and he’s a great entertainer. Great show, can’t wait to see them again.