Show Review: 550

Fuck Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m 31 i’ve been waiting about 15+ years to see a social D show .and wow what a ride . I live in a small city about 400 milles of montreal . My Girlfriend talked about going to Quebec city for Rush . At that time i din’t khow you ‘ll played for the Festival d’été .so i took a look at the program for pickin another show instead of Rush and than i saw your Band name . i cancelled all the thing where supposed to do saturday and i waited for D day . .Vulgaire machin the first part is a good band from Quebec (montreal) they have something to say . It’s a shame(shame on the organisation ) that you make the first part of a band like Billy Talent , bullshit band for my part like a punk boyzband or some kind of emo Backstreet boys band. they should have pick a another band and make you play the same time 2h each a bad like Bad Religion or Rancid tha’ts should have been fuckin great Now i’m waiting to see you soon in montreal this time i’ll make arrangement to take the train to montreal .Hope to see you for at least 2h straight . rock n’roll p.s. i leave before the litlle brat played . I haved what i was coming for A fuckin’ great show p.p.s Nickel and dimes en rappel fuckin’ A excuse for my english i’m a french Canadien Thanx