Show Review: 548

Well, I couldn’t be happier that the band chose to play our humble little town in Oregon for the second time (OK, I don’t live in Medford, but a town close enough to count myself amongst the true fans of SD in Southern Oregon.) Again, a tremendous show full of early punk anger, stage presence, and above all, a reminder to us all that rock’n’roll can change people for the better, no matter a shitty venue. I saw several friends, and their kids, and though my youngest was on the stage the last time they played, Mike seemed to "play-down" the idea that its all about the younger ones in attendance, but still appreciated their prominence in a varied crowd, which may I add some of the adults seemed to have crawled from under some massive rocks to ruin the pit. To the security guard, a female may I add, who had to crawl between to gargantuan ‘fighters’ – good for you. I, too, had my kids in attendance and the superficial fighting seemed not only sublime, but I also saw the same "bros" hug after the show. That’s what Social D. brings to the table. Aggression, happiness, memories, and a solid time no matter what is going on around them. I can only hope that they find their way back to our little valley and we’ll get to continue the punk rock tradition here in Southern Oregon. Thanks, boys – no matter where you go, or what you do, your music inspires the necessary elements of our lifestyle and for that we’ll be forever grateful.