Show Review: 548

My fiance’ and I traveled from Sacramento, California to this show because that was the closest we were going to be to see our band "Social D". We decided to for go the "Outlands" concert in San Francisco because we would only get to see them for a minimum time and we just would have gone to see this band. The venue was a little different from all the other "club like" times we had seen them, but never the less they did as they always do and "ROCKED IT" like no other!!! Mike and the gang were in great form and the songs they sang are all my favorites. Come to think of it they ALL are my favorites. The ventilation system was HORRIBLE and I think made it alittle harder to breathe with all the bodies smashed up against eachother. We lasted about an hour up fron and then I couldn’t breathe any longer and needed some fresh air. The concert was still as good farther back and out of ther major congestion, but I did miss seeing Mike up close as I always am right up there, too bad for me. I will they would make a round to Northern California after they get back from their Austrailian tour, how awesome for them!!!! I love this band and would travel again just to hear them!!!! Love you guys. XOXO Tiffany