Show Review: 544

First off, great venue for a show! I liked the fact that you didn’t have to stay in the concert the whole time. We saw bits and pieces of the opening bands and just hung around in the casino the rest of the time. We stayed for good just before Social D came on. They opened up with Bye Bye Baby – a very good choice. Some other songs I remember (in no particular order): Bad Luck, Under My Thumb, Ball and Chain, Sick Boys, Don’t Drag Me Down, a new song called ‘Still Alive’ (which was fucking amazing by the way)…the encore was Making Believe, Nickles and Dimes, and finally, Ring of Fire. Halfway through the show Mike almost came into the crowd and beat the shit out of some fat guy who was throwing shit on stage…comes to show that Mike Ness is still a badass. Overall, badass show…can’t wait to see them live again.