Show Review: 539

Had not seen Social D in years at the Chameleon Club. It’s an intimate spot. Had heard some of the guys visited Senorita Burrita earlier in the day. knew it would be hot as hell inside the club. Arrived 2 blocks from the club and walked down to the club at about 8:45ish. As we neared the corner of Prince street (1/2 block from the club) i passed a guy walking towards the intersection off of chestnut street near the tour bus. We nodded and i said how’s it going and he said (the bass player) how’s it going back. as i looked to my left a guy was sitting on steps across from the police station on his cell phone. I nodded and kept walking, pretty sure it was Mike Ness…(Mike, i was the guy with the shaved head and a Clash shirt on with an american flag on the shirt if you remember) I did not realize til later that this was them doing regular normal things prior to the show and this is why i love this band. Regular guys who love to play rock music and generally keep to themselves. love you guys and the show was fuckin awesome, mixing in nwe songs with Social D old school. love Mike’s interaction between certain happy you guys played the lancaster scene..much appreciated and the band sounded great. Much respect from..Rayzor