Show Review: 538

Two things happened last month: 1) I went to an Iron Maiden show at Madison Square Garden and was very disappointed. Only 2 of the "hits" were played; I only have the old albums I didn’t even know 14 of the 16 songs played that night. 2) My buddy cancelled on me for the Social D show the night before the show at Mulcahey’s. So I was thinking that maybe I was getting a little too old for this, and getting a little disillusioned with the whole concert experience. Well, I drove the hour to the show by myself anyway. The show last night blew me away. To hear such true rock and roll music played from the heart by these four guys in a close setting. It was a great night, and I thank you for it. An absolute murderer’s row of hits, with some newer songs in between. Even the songs I didn’t know had me into it. What a great band, only getting better as they go!