Show Review: 538

I took my Old School 44 year old Punk Ass to the show that night. In these later years I tend to stand behind the pit area and enjoy the music. Not sure what hit me that night, but as the boys came out on stage, I got behind the biggest dude in the crowd and plowed my way to the front row center stage where I stayed for the entire show( Not an easy feat). There were plenty of young punks surprised to see my gray haired old school body up front and I must say they took care of me almost as a young son would look out for his/her aging father. Anyway, the show was typical Social D and was awesome. Mulchahys sound sucks if your not up towards the front but it didnt really bother me as to I was up front. Going back to the early 80’s I’ve seen them all and nobody compares to a Social D show except maybe for the Ramones. This was the best Social D (out of about 13 shows)show I’ve seen since, if memory serves me right. 1992/1993 when I saw the greatest show ever at Roseland in NYC. It was a double bill Social D and the Ramones.