Show Review: 537

Social D keeps getting better with age. I saw them the first time in 1988 at City Gardens in Trenton where I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with Mike and Dennis(RIP) before the show. I was a 21 yr old punk then and now a 43 yr old punk who most enjoyed hearing The Creeps, Another State Of Mind, and Mommy’s Little Monster back to back to back. The begining was cool as always as the anticipation of what I knew would be a great show was starting. Who was that dude that sat behind the drum kit? Did anyone else think that was Charlie’s son? Mike wearing a Passaic County Corrections shirt was awesome. Hey Mike, did you get that from the guys in ASOM? Opening up with an instumental and then going into Bye Bye Baby was cool. Haven’t heard that song in awhile. Hearing that plus Bad Luck, Making Believe, and Sometimes I Do from Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell was awesome. Under My Thumb, Prison Bound, Ball And Chain, Ring Of Fire, Sick Boys, Don’t Drag Me Down, Highway 101, Reach For The Sky, Nickels And Dimes, and Still Alive(great song, love the lyrics that I could make out, I predict this song will be SD’s biggest radio hit ever)were also played and obviously played great by the boys. My only complaint is always the same complaint. You guys never play long enough. I guess I am a long time fan who just can’t get enough of the GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD!(Sorry Supersuckers). Anyone else dying to hear 1945, Mass Hysteria, Telling Them, Hour Of Darkness,Backstreet Girl, On My Nerves, I Want What I Want, Lost Child, So Far Away, Let It Be Me, Story Of My Life, I Coulda Been Me, She’s A Knockout, A Place In My Heart, Cold Feelings, King Of Fools, I Was Wrong, When The Angels Sing, Through These Eyes, Don’t Take Me For Granted, Footprints On My Ceiling, Faithless, Live Before You Die, Angels Wings, Far Behind, etc., etc? Damn, I guess that would be about a five hr set! When I win the lottery I’ll pay you guys a million to play all those. Until then, keep rockin’ and I’ll see you in Atlantic City in October. SOCIAL DISTORTION RULE!