Show Review: 536

Arriving at The Webster we quickly realized this wasn’t one of the finer neighborhoods that Hartford has to offer, no biggie we aren’t here for the wine and cheese tasting we are here for one of America’s greatest rock-n-roll bands and rock-n-roll ain’t pretty. By the time they took the stage the crowd was ready to go and the floor immediately started moving, however The Webster security was having none of it as they quickly made their presence known that nobody was gonna have any fun in the pit. Few people dragged out by their necks for simply letting the music flow through them but hey the sign does say "NO Moshing" and they enforced it. I was a sweaty mess with a sore neck early on and by the end of Under My Thumb I knew I had to keep a leash on wanting to really unload or risk getting thrown out. Mommy’s Little Monster, Sick Boy, Making Believe, Don’t Drag Me Down, and my favorite tune of theirs Reach for the Sky how do they expect the place to stand still?!?!?! Honestly the only weak point of the show for me was Ball and Chain as Mike seemed to want to slow down the chorus part and improvise a bit while the crowd was taking over the vocals at the normal pace we all know, just made for some odd timing but if that is the only weak point who is gonna complain? After the show it was perfect timing as the band was making their way to the bus right in front of us and I got to thank Mike for the show and tell him great work, he aknowledged this and patted me on the shoulder saying thanks. Made the 3.5 hour drive back to Burlington a piece of cake with the ears still ringing and Ring of Fire on repeat in my head.