Show Review: 533

I thought the crowd was great, but it definetly had first night sloppy feel to it. They sounded great, but it seemed to me that Mike’s enthusiasm wasn’t quite up to his normal standards. Only the second time I have seen them, but I don’t think they were at their best. Maybe it had something to do with the venue, which was a dump. It was very small- at times it almost seemed as if the security guys were part of the band, it was so tight. Mike spent a lot of time complaining (off mic) about the sound. There seemed to be a lot of down time in between songs, which took away some momentum. Mike talked alot in between songs which made it seem like he just wasn’t totally into it. The setlist contained only one new song– all along Mike has been saying how he cant wait to play the new stuff— then where the hell is it? David was fine…but man, do I miss Charlie. When I saw them last October, it was a solid two hour show, plus we got Bakersfield, Still Alive and Can’t Take it With You. So I was disappointed with the setlist. When they went off after only an hour, I actually thought it was due to technical issues, not that the main set was already over. That being said, they are still the most underrated rock band out there, and I had a great time. Mike is the man. Met the band outside, and they could not have been nicer or more accomodating. Can’t wait for new album. PS: What happened to "Pain, Death and Love’s Lost Cause"? Was that just a BS rumor? SEAN