Show Review: 533

Not often do I bring my wife to a potential powder-keg of a show but when So-D comes to town, we represent. We really do…my dear old Grand-ma Lucille had just passed this weekend and we buried her on Monday but come Tuesday, it was time to celebrate her life and enjoy great music just like she loved to do. So I put the word out and my little bro Scotty Pots, my adopted Sasquatch Doof McGuinness, and brother-in-law Mike Riley drove up from the Bronx to join me, my lady Dawn Marie and my amigo Kyle Myer to one hell of a night. Pre-game at my house, beers in the parking lot, tequila in the Loft…it’s all what lead up to us initiating a pit and hangin’ front n’ center till Ness and the boys packed it in. The band sounded awesome as expected, played a great set and made me feel 20 years old again….until Wednesday morning!!! SKELLY!!!!!!!