Show Review: 532

I’ve been waiting for social distortion to play in argentina since i’m 12 yers old. I can say that it was the best show in my life and that my greates hope is that they come back next year, but enough, let’s talk about the show. it was incredible that started with "UNDER MY THUMB", and i can die now in peace after listening to COLD FEELINGS,MAKING BELIEVE AND GOTTA KNOW THE RULES that were the songs that really surprieSd me, the other songs like ring of fire, story of my life, ball and chain, etc welovebut they’re not songs that makes me cry. ring of fire maybe… the show was great, i’m sad cause i couldnt listen to SOMETIMES I DO (the first social d song i’ve ever heard) anda if they ever come back i beg they play LET IT BE ME oh god hat a great song!!!! that one and WHEN SHE BEGINS are the songs missing for the greatest show in the history, i loved also REACH FOR THE SKY and HIGHWAY 101 ( they didn’y play this one on sunday night), finally i woul add to this that i’m in love with every song from mike ness’s solo ambums and it would be great to hear some of them live. i’m bvery sory for my bad english i hope someone from the band reads this and cosiders playing he songs i named before. SALUTES TO SOCIAL DISTORTION ALWAYS EWLCOME IN ARGENTINAA VIVaCARAJOOO AGUANTE SOCIAAAAL!!!! P.D.: ANOTHER GREAT SONGS: A PLACE IN MY HEART/ UNTITLED/ FOOTPRINTS ON MY CEILING!!!! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!