Show Review: 530

Social Distortion shows why he is a legend of punk rock text by Deise Santos Photo by Rodrigo Simões Many thought they would never see Mr. Ness and his gang on stage tupiniquins, much less on stage in Rio, but fortunately this cloud of disbelief was dispelled when the night of April 16, 2010 arrived and, finally, the quartet from Orange County rose the stage at the Circo Voador. Night of achievement for many grown men over thirty years and young people who found the chords of the band Social Distortion and waited eagerly for this moment. But to increase anxiety, the band Carbona welcomed and prepared the public for what would become one of the most emblematic and historical shows that the circus tent has ever seen. Carbona did a show for a small audience. It’s the old culture of "heats up" outside of the Flying Circus, taking some beer or rediscovering friends and figures that appear only in these historic concerts, under the arches of Lapa. This isn’t diminished the energy of the show, the punk rock of Carbona was called for the public to be going slowly and settling for the Social Distortion concert. Historical date and a presentation of weight to the curriculum of the Carbona, who fulfilled the role of hosts as well. Pause for breath, a stroll around the courtyard of the Circo Voador and see the merchandising of Californians and as time goes as expected. The chords begin Zombie Road and the public assembles in front of the stage, protected by a protective grille and some security guards, something unheard of in concert at Circo Voador. But anyone who thinks it took the excitement of the class of gargling is wrong. Although the house was crowded, who volunteered to stand between the grid and the public is deranged fun, sang along with Ness and some custom vanes lucky to have won. The show continued with “Under My Thumbs”, “Bye Bye Baby”, “Sick Boy” and many other hits released in thirty-one years of road. The public seemed not to believe and the first three songs began as an adaptation phase for many. The incomparable voice of Mike Ness, along with his Gibson Les Paul adhesive with the city name where did the band, echoed through the canvas “Circo Voador” provoking mixed reactions, some sang along, others danced and others simply admired the show amazed at the presence of Ness and his gang, after the band has even stage presence! A first part of the show is over, the band left the stage and the audience did not budge. The set yet seemed too short for more than three decades of waiting and the band then returned to the stage twice to present the public with a little more of their punk rock and rock and roll. Despite the festive atmosphere and the band somehow interact with the public, Mr Harding (bass) was not attentive when a fan climbed on stage to greet him and was pushed by him, that was outraged by the attitude of the fan, sorry … But the party did not lose it. Mike Ness finally took a look at refinishing, combing his hair soaked with gel and the band follows the path of the end of the show, ending with “Prison Bound” and “Ring of Fire”. For some the show was perfect, for others the set list left to be desired, for having left some songs out. But anyway, would not even like "count" thirty-one years of history in just over an hour and a half show, is not it? In any case the "adaptation" of history for the Brazilian stage was excellent and fulfilled the role of explaining why Social Distortion is considered a legend of punk rock world.