Show Review: 527

Social Distortion April 18th 2010 Curitiba Master Hall Curitiba – Paraná – Brazil Among friends we reserved the Sick Van, which departed early from Maringá to Curitiba. In the baggage the expectation to see one of the most respected bands of rock n’ roll and its leader, Sergeant Mike Ness. We arrived in Curitiba. After eating and drinking we entered the Curitiba Master Hall listening to the music of the opening band, the Hillbilly Rawhide. I didn’t know them, but I got a great impression. As the Social Distortion opening band they knew their supporting role, but they warmed up the muscles and vocal chords of the people thirsty for rock who were there. Applause for them. Half an hour after the presentation of Hillbilly Rawhide, the show began. Fans placed hands on their heads, they could not believe what were seeing. After thirty years (how old are you?) the Social Distortion was there, in front of them. The Sergeant singing with that raspy voice you only listened to on your speakers, that gold Gibson Les Paul with the words Orange County, the other one with the number 13, those songs with lyrics that made you reflect about your life was all there, live. It was gratifying to see men on stage singing and playing with their hearts. At the setlist I highlight Road Zombie, instrumental that opened the show calling the crowd to the chaos; The Creeps, dedicated by the vocalist to the atleticanos who lost the Paranaense Championship that day; Sometimes I Do, when Mike Ness proved that his voice will sing for a long time and Ring of Fire, which closed the show with mastery. Story of My Life was left for the next show, which the Sergeant promised that will happen soon. Social Distortion returns to their home with the feeling that "maybe you’re more passionate than americans". After having passed through South America and seen the passion we have for rock and football, it seems fair. To return the compliment, I echo the words of one of the producers of the show, which took the microphone, pointed to Mike Ness and said staring at the audience: "Esse cara é foda!". Translating, something like “This guy kick-ass!”. Thanks to the professionals: Kim, Liliane, Carlinho, Bianca, Zóio, Brunão, Manta, Careca, Emar, Caio, Edson, Jéssica, Murilo, Juliana and Seu João. Alessandro Pignata "Friday and Saturday are for amateurs. Sunday is for the professionals.” Mike Ness Photo credits: Kim Saiki