Show Review: 527

I was there, and it’s an amazing exhibition of pure rock and roll of the band. A great show full of energy. The crowd, young guys mixed up with grounded children and beautiful ladys, was looking foward for the show. Finally, a long wait of many years, was becoming real. The setlist was perfect, one by one, hit after hit shaked everybody like a earthquake. Mr. Ness advised all to forget the problems and enjoy the night. I knew, from my heart, that everybody there had a great time. I will remember this show for the rest of my life. The night is over, and at 7 A.M. I saw the band at the Curitiba Internationa Airport, ready to go to São Paulo-SP and then to the USA. Thanks for everybody that worked to realize this show. I hope to see you soom. Thank you very much Social Distortion.