Show Review: 526

Me and my girlfriend, we were there, in the first Social Distortion show in São Paulo, Brazil!! Man, the show was awesome, I can’t find any word to say how great the show was!! I remember the moment when SD entered the stage, Brent Harding walked into the stage with that "tough guy” face, so fuckin’ awesome!! John 2 bags and Adam Atom Willard entered after him, and the last one, oh my fuckin’ lord, Mike Ness almost caused a mass destruction at Via Funchal, lol, people have gone crazy when he finally entered the stage, I was in another state of mind, my girlfriend (Marcela) screamed so loud that my ears hurt. Dude!! It was him, THE MAN, Mike Ness was in front of me, I can’t say it for sure, but he was very close to me, like 3 meters or less, it was the happiest moment in my life!!