Show Review: 526

Hey Mike! Sao Paulo was the Best show in Latin America’s tour (although the videos show that Argentina was awesome) but it’s not enough man! Sao Paulo was not enough. We listened to what you’ve said: see you next year! We want more! We want to buy your cd, your t-shirts, consume your art! We wanna see what you’ve been doing. I screamed a lot: Bakersville! And you’ve played COLD FEELINGS for me. I know you hadn’t play it in this tour. Anda t the comeback…oh, man, how Nice! Jonny 2 Bags exploding in front of us. And I was screaming and seeing you so close It was really Rock and Roll And you know there was even a collective bottle of boose around, passing every hand at the line. Everybody drank it. Our story: My name is Carola, I’m the mother of a big Green Day fan teenager girl. She showed me your music two years ago. DO YOU REALIZE IT? I’m 43 and, of course, I listen to a loto f rock, but didn’t know SXDX. I looked after it. You Tube hás everything, man! My 16 years old daughter introduced me to your band And I was there, at the front row, with her. Both of us wearing Social’s t-shirts. Watching Social Distortion play. I hear what you mean I understand what you say We are all survivers in a way. Seeing your guitar so close, feeling your spit, watching the musicians playing so happy It was awesome. AMAZING and all this shit But man, I repeat: we listened so little Please, release this new songs álbum soon and come to Sao Paulo again to make us happy. Show us also your solo work. Here in Brazil we don’t have much CDs selling. I don’t want to download it, I want to have it, buy your album. Do you know what I mean? I have to tell you something else. The band is kicking ass. You’ve played a lot, Mike. You played fuckin’ good. Brent is a very good bass player, and Adam…uau. Four guys playing our lives there at the stage. Kicking ass for us, that bunch of idiots, dying for its idol. I’m very happy because we, in a way, are a part of your life. Because you are a part of ours. God bless you, Mike. You, your band, your roddie, everybody! Big Kisses! Carola Medina Twitter @carolamedina