Show Review: 525

It goes without sayin that Mike & co. rocked the house. As with all of their shows, they were tight and energetic – they always bring it. I feel so fortunate every time I get to see them (4 times in past 2 weeks). These 2 shows with Pearl Jam were so different than the last 2. I’m not an arena tour guy; I grew up with hardcore and I like to move and sing along and be up front. Seats? The crowd overall really didn’t appreciate the band; hell most of them were still outside drinking. It did leave me some space to rock out in the aisle, but just seemed like such a waste for all that awesome music not to be heard/felt. Their loss. The set was only 30-40 minutes, but it was raw passion and a good mix of the fan favs. Opened with Making Believe, closed with Story of My Life. Eddie Vetter came out to sing on Ball & Chain. Sound was good and you could hear all the vocals. He writes one heck of a song, sings his heart out and can still out jump a kangaroo. Not the best venue or vibes, but I didn’t go to see the crowd. Rock On!