Show Review: 524

So I got tickets for the show to see you guys. It was my birthday, I was in my dress, with my best guy and the show was awesome! Saw you on the 17th with my guy, sister, nieces, and good friend and that show was great too! It was a memorable experience singing Ball and Chain with my niece Ella, 7 and Ashlynn, 10. I gotta know one thing about the show last night opening for Pearl Jam. The seats we had were pretty close to the stage. I was bummed I didn’t get to hear Prisonbound in AC, so when the moment was right last night, I yelled it and then HOLY CRAP you played it! Were you planning on playing it? Even if you did plan, It was the best birthday present EVER. Thank you very much. (Although I will still tell people you did it for me) Didn’t even stick around for Pearl Jam. Nothing could’ve topped that. Madeline