Show Review: 519

Amazing show. Walked in during M.C. Rut, 2 piece band that was rocking, sounded great. The Strangers were a solid band from the OC. Good sound and great music. Social Distortion came on right before 10 and rocked hard from the start. I could not remember all songs but they played these: Another state of mind Mommys little monster Ring of Fire Bakersfield Ball & Chain The Creeps …….Like I said it was a blur….The highlight was the 4 song encore that included 99 to life and Story of my life. Mike chatted with the crowd quite a bit and seemed to really like the Charlotte crowd. AMos was packed, almost a Sellout. Mike Ness apoligized for not playing in NC for so long (10 years) and promised to come back soon. Again another amazing Social D show. Thanks to Amos for booking a great band and keeping it real….