Show Review: 518

This was a great show. I went to the shows in Norfolk and Richmond and this one was much better, mainly because the National Theater is such a great place to see a show. Beautiful old theater with great sound. The band sounded much better at the National than they did at the Norva in Norfolk, I was sitting in the balcony and could still hear everything perfectly. Both opening bands were really good. I was especially impressed with Middle Class Rut. I went in expecting the usual 3 chord punk band but these guys sound like Janes Addiction on steroids. The things they do with only 2 band members is really impressive.The Strangers were really good too. Social D’s set was excellent. The highlights for me included Dont Drag Me Down, Bakersfield, and the new song Still Alive which I really like. It was actually kind of refreshing to hear Ring Of Fire in the middle of the set instead of the encore like they normally do. Great show overall and I hope they play at the National again the next time they roll through Virginia. Richmond is a little more of a hike for me but its worth the extra effort. Thanks for a great show guys, looking forward to the new album and the next tour.