Show Review: 515

This show was for the most part a very good show, I went to the show with two other people who had never seen Social D., so for them, it was exciting to see what they thought of this great band up close. My biggest gripe about this show was the feedback that came off the mic. really loud. We were up in the front to the side and it was really tough to hear well, it was difficult to understand some of the words during songs. The club never adjusted this during the night and it really affected an otherwise great performance. The only other minor gripe I had was that Social D. didn’t play, "Prison Bound", this was a shock to me, they had the keyboard guy set up and all ready to go, why they chose not to play this amazing son is beside me. Perhaps they forgot, ran out of time or overlooked it all together. No Social D show is complete w/o "Prison Bound". Can’t wait to see them again, hopefully by then, they will have their new full length album out.