Show Review: 515

Please do not play this room again. This region will support a larger room. I have friends that have seen SD many many times and they all warned me not to go to this date. I couldn’t make any of the others in my area because of scheduling. The place was so over-sold that unless you got there three hours early and staked your claim upfront you really had no chance of of actually seeing the band. The stage is narrow and the club is long and skinny so there is no where to go. The floor is flat and the stage is only about 14 inches above floor level. There was not a sight line in the place and it was so crowded you couldn’t move. I have been to well over 300 shows in my life and this was by far the worse mess I have seen. Now on to the show . . . killer set list. Band sounded great. Opened with the same two as every other show on the tour but also threw in some other stuff. Sick Boy was killer, Ring of Fire was fun. The crowd sing along on Ball and Chain was inspiring. Nickels, SOML and Reach were also in there. I knew nothing about Middle Class Rut but those two guys killed it. Great live energy. Doesn’t translate too well to a record but boy are they fun to watch. Go see ’em if you get a chance. I thought the Strangers were just a bit too Social Distortion like for the first half of their set. I mean come on if you are opening for SD and they have been a big inspiration to you, at least bag the Goldtop with Soap bars for the tour. The singer even had a white and black strip shirt on similar to Two Bags. None the less, by the middle of their second set I was done being a bitch and they won me over.