Show Review: 515

Last night started out as a great concert. You could fill the energy in the room with the opening bands and amazing drummers. However, when Social D came out a bunch of pansies decided to ruin things for several people with a lot of pushing, NOT a MOSH PIT but pushing everyone forward, not once or twice or three times but constantly. We were in the 3rd row trying to enjoy a concert that we drove 3 hours to get to but were unable to do due to the lack of certain individuals. One lady next to me almost went down when some dude kept pushing her down and tried to do the same to me until my fiance pulled me up and said we are getting the " F out of here." We didn’t stay for the concert, he had seen Mike back in Baltimore and loved it but had no idea that this concert would be full of such assholes, lack of total respect for people but I guess that is the genre of people that have found Social D’s music ( we have been listening for years.) The opening bands ROCKED too bad we cant say that about Social D since we ended up leaving due to the BULLSHIT that went on. Sorry guys we know you rock on albums, hopefully you ROCKED last night too we just didn’t get to see it and that SUCKS!!!!! I know I sound like a whiner but hell we paid for our tickets just like everyone else and in the end we had to bail…GOOD LUCK SOCIAL D YOU WILL ALWAYS ROCK IN OUR HOUSE, CAR, and of course OUR HEARTS!!!! ROCK ON!!