Show Review: 514

This was my first Social Distortion show, after being a fan for many years. The Hampton Casino was a perfect venue. Sold out, crowded and full of diversity. The band sounds friggin amazing together. Loved how Mike Ness really personalized a few songs, and talked to the crowd with his gruff rock n roll voice. I am a pretty short person, and usually miss out on views of the band members playing, giving that I like to be in the midst of the crowd. So amazingly enough this time I got to see over a few shoulders and watch Mike. Also watched him and Johnny hammer on the guitars, unfortunately missed the guitarist and drummer playing. In this crowd I didn’t want to be front and center, because my life may have been cut short. (haha). The crowd was contagious, mosh pits mildly crazy, a few jackass’, and tons of hardcore love for Social D. The homage to roots music really made me think of my grandfather, who has passed, whom shared this style of music with me as a young girl. I can’t wait to see more shows, and a new album. ~Lisa E.