Show Review: 511

Great show last night! Thanks to Middle Class Rut for opening up with a wave of feedback (no really, there are just two guys in the band!) Didn’t understand a word of the lyrics, but the energy was right out front. The Strangers brought some straight up rock, and kept the crowd bouncing, even if no pit developed just yet. The Sunday night crowd was a little… tired, maybe? Kinda late for us old folks to be out on a school night! Comment for those complaining about the kids and old folks at the shows – that’s the beauty of Social D, the awesome music that appeals to all ages. Gotta admit that the pit that did finally develop was pretty small and kinda old and slow – us middle aged folks have to stop and rest once in a while, The new music sounded awesome, and loved the singalongs on the old songs. Mike, sorry about the weirdo who did the face plant over the barrier at the beginning of the set (he was trying to get my son and his buddies to rush the stage) and the guy front and center near me who you finally had to lecture to STFU…. Yeah, we’re a little off the beam here in the rust belt but loved your show! Thanks for coming to dreary Western NY and hope to see you again soon!!!